Amir Safi

Other Ideas for Pepsi Commercials

A TSA agent forces a Muslim woman to take off her hijab, pulls out two cans of Pepsi from beneath her hair, they laugh and tap the cans together **CHEERS**. End scene.

Protesters stage a sit in on a college campus, the police officer maces them with a shaken up can of Pepsi. End scene.

Trayvon Martin goes to the store to purchase skittles and Pepsi. End scene.

In an effort to be environmentally conscious, all Pepsi cans are now made from recycled spent bullet casings. End scene.

Standing Rock loses the battle with the Dakota access pipeline, the Missouri River flows with Pepsi. End scene.

Blue cans matter. End scene.

A federal judge halts the Muslim ban as Seattle Attorney General Bob Ferguson hands him a can of Pepsi. The commercial fades to me hugging my grandmother in an airport. End scene.

Michael Brown throws his arms up in the air. In each hand a can of Pepsi. End scene.

Billy Bush grabs a woman by the pussy and pulls out a can of Pepsi. Trump wins election. End scene.

Police in riot gear square off with protesters, but instead of batons, they beat them with cans of Pepsi. End scene.

Assad launches another air raid. The dismembered ghosts of Syrian children rise from the rubble with outstretched arms and open palms snatching cans of Pepsi from the air before they hit the ground. End scene.

Rachel Dolezal downs a can of Pepsi and sheds her skin. End scene.

Richard Spencer gives a speech at Texas A&M's Memorial Student Center and each chair is occupied by a can of Pepsi as the skeletons of World War II veterans enter the room. End scene.

Tamir Rice playing in the park with a can of coke. End scene.

A Jewish graveyard is vandalized by white supremacists. Each toppled headstone is actually a can of Pepsi. End scene.

14 year old Ahmed Mohamed is handcuffed and interrogated without his parents. The bomb squad shows up, disarms the clock and shouts **CLEAR** as they pull out a can of Pepsi. End scene.

Kendall Jenner cracks open a can of Pepsi, holds it above her head and pours blood into her mouth. She consumes everything inside the can and smiles at the camera with syrup stained teeth. End scene.

I am pulled over outside my parent's house on Capistrano Court for the 9th time. The officer has his hand on the holster as he approaches the car shining his flashlight at the driver's side door. He hears a **CLINK** and empties his clip into my car. He looks in through the rolled down window and reaches over my lifeless body to grab a freshly opened can of Pepsi. End scene.

Amir Safi is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where he received a degree in Biology. He co-founded 501(c)3 poetry non-proit Mic Check, Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival, and founded Muslim Artist Collective Houston and Write About Now Poetry. He is a 2017 Houston Poet Laureate Finalist, a 2015 Southern Fried Poetry Slam Champion, the 2013 Southern Fried Poetry Individual Slam Champion, a 2013 National Poetry Slam semi-finalist, and his work has been featured in Texas Monthly, Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post, Upworthy, Buzzfeed, Texas Standard, Total Frat Move, and more.

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