Lauren Bender


sometimes her husband
posts boring things
on twitter

sometimes she takes
a picture of him
walking away

sometimes he says
I am of the kings

and you are a mother
and she keeps silent

as if like the rest of us
she doesn't know
whether he is funny or sweet
or both or neither

beautiful mother
he clarifies
allow me to thank you

sometimes she admits
they eat dinner together

sometimes he walks in on
two women cuddling
and says that's okay honey
I like your new friend

more than once
he has thought about suggesting
they all hang out together

but is it too forward
to invite one's wife
and her snuggle buddy
into the hot tub

sometimes over breakfast
he tells a story
about people falling in love

through some shared
intense experience
without meaning to of course

and she nods and moves on
to the review of their schedule
and who will take the boys
to daycare tomorrow

and sometimes
when they have worked this out
he feels better

until he looks at her
and she is taking a selfie
with her oatmeal and fruit

and her expression says
I dare you not to miss me
when you see this

Lauren Bender lives in Burlington, Vermont and is a poetry reader for Mud Season Review. Her work has appeared in IDK Magazine, Tulane Review, The Collapsar, The Lindenwood Review, Gyroscope Review, and others. You can find her on twitter @benderpoet.

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