Chloe Stricklin

Demolition Plan

We were going to get it right this time,
Nervosa and I:

Cutting out all the meatiest parts first,
like filleting a fish, then dismantling
the remainder rib by rib.

Everything must go, we said. Stubborn
pieces would be torn from the base
like the wishbone over which we prayed
for a weightless future in a glass kitchen

empty but for a bowl of glass apples
and two glasses to clink for the grand
opening when we’d wear our white dress
to cut the red tape.

Everyone would be so thrilled to see us,
they’d repeat the words waif (our favorite
word) and ghost (our second favorite) over
and over until it was all we could hear.

We had until the end of the year—
not a single bone was to be left standing.

Chloe Stricklin is a Pennsylvanian poet living in Minneapolis. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars, where she was the recipient of the Liam Rector Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared in Black Heart Magazine, Rust + Moth, The Tishman Review, and others.

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