Remi Recchia

Dressing as a Trans Man in the Early Morning

She makes sure my binder
is nice & tight against
swollen tumors leeching skin.
The packer is beige & bulging,
safely tucked in jeans too long
for my stature, straining to meet
strawberry standards of mass-
produced men & hormone-growth.
She eases the dark red pricks
from my needle-worn, pincushioned
body, my beautiful wife, my life,
the Capricorn of my arrival.
She peels Band-Aids like
yellow fruit from Eden.

Remi Recchia is an MFA candidate in Poetry at Bowling Green State University, where he serves as Assistant Poetry Editor for the Mid-American Review and teaches Creative Writing. His work has appeared in or will soon appear in Old Northwest Review, Blue River Review, Front Porch, Gravel, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and Ground Fresh Thursday Press, among others.

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