Sally Burnette

the puppet show

i'm in that scene in the sound of music // julie andrews & the kids are putting on a musical
marionette show for daddy von trapp & his fiancée & me // the show's about a goatherd
attracting this Mädchen by yodeling // there’s also a parallel story about two straight goats who
have a kid // at the climax // when julie's singing so hard she looks panicked // i become a little
goat flopping at the bottom of the strings // & there's judith butler // not the real one // but the
black & white author photo version // operating the control bars // & far below us where the stage
used to be is the ocean // a breaching grand piano // i cut the silk strands from my scapulae //
with an i <3 ny pocketknife // & wake with a mouthful of silt // i roll over to check my phone //
google translate is open // so i type in Sexpuppe // sex doll // then i paste sex doll on the english
side // Geschlechtspuppe // literally gender-puppet // i swim to the tattoo shop // & a sea urchin
etches this into my chest // needling through the bones

Sally Burnette is originally from North Carolina but currently lives in Boston. Their work has been published recently in Nat. Brut, The Boiler, and Dream Pop Journal.

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