Sara Watson

I Have So Many Feelings I Don't Want to Talk About

I make small talk with 45 people a day. On average.
Some of them come into the grocery store three times a day.
Imagine a life like that. Are you very forgetful?
Are you lonesome? Are you looking for someone special?
Some people got their wedding photos done in the produce department at 7am on a Friday.
White gown and everything. Imagine it, making that plan.
This is in September. Does that make anything less unusual?
I'm learning there are more ways to feel better than to feel something else.
You can sit a long time with your sadness.
It can fill you with love for your own broken heart.
Look how good you are. Look how hard you're trying to be good.
I like living in a universe that I don't understand.
I like when a good song comes on the radio
and a bunch of balloons floats up into the sky.

Sara Watson's poems have appeared in BOAAT, PANK, The Southern Review, and other journals. She lives with chihuahaus in Pittsburgh.

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