Issue 7

Jasmine An
Rare Bird Sighting

Sally Burnette
the puppet show

Geraldine Connolly
Empty Storefront

Denise Duhamel
Intimacy of Hair

Brian Francis
Everywhere and Here Too

Kathryne David Gargano
persephone brings chaos to the dance floor

Christine Guargano
My nasty woman is a bear I found while marching January 21st, 2016

Wren Hanks
Dear Ozma (We never wake up)

trapped in the pentacles of your mother’s neurons I laughed

Heather McNaugher
Vanilla Sky

Alan Pelaez Lopez
ndn Travel
Guide to Border-Crossing Self

Xandria Philips
The First Woman

Kenneth Pobo
Wandawoowoo Crumbs

Remi Recchia
Dressing as a Trans Man in the Early Morning

Chloe Stricklin
Demolition Plan

Caitlin Thomson
The Things We Live With and the Things We Don't

Elizabeth Vignali
What the Eclipse Taught Me

Sara Watson
I Have So Many Feelings I Don't Want to Talk About