Issue Five Preview

Jane Attanucci Funereal Recollections with a Line from Adrienne Rich
Chaun Ballard Ghazal: Black Hole
Using the Laws of Motion to Explain Ferguson
Laurie Baron People here just want to be ordinary
Dawn Pichon Barron Escape Girl Blues
To Lie or Lay
One Way Back
Lauren Bender #wife
Daniela Buccilli Self-Portrait as Macaroni Penguin
Alley Moon
Laura Cherry Supermarket Salad Bar
Ava C. Cipri “You Could Call it the Peaceable Kingdom”
George David Clark People
Little Blue Truck
Kimberly A. Collins Bessie’s Cry
Bigger’s Plea to Bessie Mears
Bench Bop
Mary Katherine Creel In My Birth Mother’s Blood
Fumbling for Enlightenment
Darren C. Demaree What the Gun Eats #67
What the Gun Eats #68
Angele Ellis The Lost Twin
Ruth Foley Half-Hearted Prayer for the Mutilated World
Have mercy, time. Have mercy, destruction.
Adelaide Herrmann Trains a New Assistant
Amy Strauss Friedman Autocorrect Replaces “Home” with “Gone”
Sarah Giragosian Mammoth Resurrected
Secrets of the Magician’s Assistant
Mike Good A Problem Crossing the Parking Lot
Toby Goostree The Kit
Trigger Shot
Matthew Guenette By “Yes”
Almost All I Want
Justin Hamm Pay Phones in the Underworld
Dave Harris Preparing a meal
Alexis Ivy I’ve Eaten Spicy
Going Away
Alyssa Jewell Tippi Hedren Survives the Flood
Emily Jalloul The Ring
Ode to Your Penis
Kara Knickerbocker If You’re Asking Why I Left
Robert T. Krantz Brace
C. Kubasta Percolation: Uniforms
Cameron Alexander Lawrence Deleted Scene
Alex Lemon Excerpts from Or Beauty
Maria Elena B. Mahler The Art of Sweeping
Jane Miller Calling the Children Home
When a bird hits a window, someone dies
Yesenia Montilla All Barns Are Red Because of Dying Stars
Imagining Him Running at the Sight of Deer
Jonathan Moody Heavy Mental
An Almost Made Up Poem about the Police
         Murdering Another Black Man
More at Home
Liane Ellison Norman Women Playing Men
Deena November Instead of cops and robbers
Wale Owoade the cycle
Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli Still I See You
Samuel Piccone Entomania
Inheriting My Father’s Hands
Kenneth Pobo Spacker Buries a Ring
Spacker Nearly Killed
Zana Previti Man Shoots, Kills ___________
Christina Rothenbeck Par-Force
Bestiary: Rules for Hawks
First Crush
Jennifer Saunders An Incantation, A Love Potion, A Bird Beating Against Your
Nocturne with Nowhere To Go
Deborah Schwartz You Can Start a War With Yourself
Glenn Shaheen The Abandon Store
Ice and Smoke
Ravi Shankar Ouija at Yaddo
Jennifer Steele Catching It
When I Come Home Hungry
Cherokee Sweat Lodge
For the Night
Kaz Sussman measured for a pine gown
Terrell Jamal Terry Burlap, Trumpet & Night Owl No. 2
Burlap, Trumpet & Night Owl No. 10
Allison Bird Treacy grave blankets
Julie Marie Wade Tybee
Holiday Party
Birch Bay
Vivian Wagner S
Lawrence Wray Visible Parts
REVIEWS Primer by Aaron Smith
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016
reviewed by Kim Sousa
Glass Harvest by Amie Whittemore
Autumn House Press, 2016
reviewed by Rachel McCarren