The Birth of the Pittsburgh Poetry Review

Pittsburgh. City of Bridges. City of Champions. These are just a few of this great city’s titles. But we’d like to suggest another: City of Poets, both the ones born here (Gertrude Stein, Jack Gilbert, Gerald Stern, Peter Oresick, Judith Vollmer, and Jan Beatty, to name a few), as well as the many great ones who have chosen Pittsburgh to live, teach, and create in (Lynn Emanuel, Terrance Hayes, Ed Ochester, Yona Harvey, Joy Katz, Toi Derricote, Jim Daniels and many, many others).

It’s a city that supports the art and craft of poetry, with too many workshops and reading series to name. The city’s major colleges and universities, Pitt, CMU, Chatham, and Carlow all have outstanding degree programs dedicated to the craft, as well as the highly-esteemed Pitt Poetry Series, edited by Ed Ochester. Autumn House, founded by Michael Simms, has also grown into a major publisher of national known poets.

And while Pittsburgh boasts a large number of online and print journals, we sorely miss the long-running 5 AM, founded and edited by Judith Vollmer and Ed Ochester. 5 AM was known for publishing an eclectic mix of quality poetry from local writers and beyond, and nothing has sprouted up to fill that particular void. So, four friends and lovers of poetry, came together to create the Pittsburgh Poetry Review! PPR will devote a significant portion of each issue to local poetry, as well as quality work from poets around the country There is no specific aesthetic except excellence.

Our goal is to become a subscription-driven journal, publishing three issues a year. The issues will be glossy-cover and perfect-bound, containing 100-150 pages, We hope our website can eventually become a virtual gathering place for all of Pittsburgh poetry, including a calendar of events, a directory of local open workshops, reviews, and other items that can’t wait for the print edition.
We hope you’ll join us on our journey into the heart, mind, and soul of Pittsburgh Poetry.

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